Jansen Products

If you want to save time and money and on top of that have a decorative interior finishing of irreproachable top quality, then we are happy to introduce to you our prefab elements of plasterboard: jamb element DK-1 / drywall corner TC-90.

Your advantages:  

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Provides a clean finishing
  • No additional plasterwork needed
  • This results in up to 60% of time saving!

Jamb element DK-1

For an irreproachable and quick finishing of window jambs, Jansen Products developed the patented DK-1 jamb element. For doorways, there is the DK-2 element.

The jamb element DK-1 consists of a drywall plate sawn to the proper width, with a plaster profile integrated in one of the longitudinal sides.

During production, an oblique milling is applied throughout the whole length of the drywall corner, into which the plaster profile is affixed. In the fabrication process, a long-lasting flexible grout is injected into the open joint between the profile and the plasterboard.

How to place the jamb element?

For more technical information on this product: download the brochure here

TC-90, the prefabricated, shock-resistant drywall corner

Jansen Products is extending its line of time saving solutions with the Gipso-Plus element! These angular drywall panels are perfect for assembling inner and outer corners.

The TC-90 is a prefabricated drywall corner with an integrated rod-shaped profile. This profile makes the corners shock-resistant.

In comparison to traditional methods of corner finishing, the Gipso-Plus elements are very easy and quick to place. From now on, you will not only save working hours in the building process, but you will also be sure to have the perfect finishing with less risks of cracks.

For more technical information on this product: download the brochure here