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Prefabricated plasterboard Gipso-Plus sections

Jansen Building Products has its own wide range of prefab elements in plasterboard, as well as a service that produces bespoke products according to your wishes!

Our range and our service

In addition to the jamb element DK -1 and the prefabricated shock-resistant drywall corner TC-90, Jansen Building Products  offers a variety of other prefabricated elements. Apart from the standard corners, there are also round shapes, tiered shapes, U-shapes and many more. They will allow you to create structures that would have been difficult to realize with the traditional finishing methods.

Next to our standard prefab elements, Jansen Products offers tailor-made solutions. You can order the products that correspond to your wishes and needs. You’ll just need to consider a minimum offtake.

Your advantages

  • A patented product (TC 90)
  • Fast and simple placement
  • No time-consuming manipulations
  • Perfectly pre-shaped
  • No additional plasterwork needed
  • A lesser risk of shrinkage cracks
  • Different types of edge finishing are available

The drywall corners are available in different compositions

  • Raw gypsum core
  • Raw gypsum core with increased water repellency
  • Raw gypsum core with strongly increased water repellency and fungicide capacity
  • Raw gypsum core with increased fire resistance
  • Raw gypsum core with increased soundproofing capacity
  • Raw gypsum core with increased shock resistance

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Extra service

Installation of raised floors.

Just as flexible as your wishes and demands.

Flexibility becomes more important by the day. For your people, but also for your building. And with a raised floor, you are able to modulate it: whatever arrangement you desire, you will be able to accomplish it quickly.

The materials and coatings depend on your wishes and demands. Whether we’re talking about a meeting room, a server room, a stockroom or a laboratory, the raised floor systems of Jansen have the finishing that your technical and esthetical needs require.